May 26, 2011

Winner winner... chicken dinner? No... aardvark pal! :)

Thank you to those who followed my blog, liked my facebook page, and left comments for me. It was a small turnout but glad to know you all wanted a little aardvark pal of your very own :)

I guess as the name suggests.... this random number generator is very random! The winner of the aardvark surprisingly is....

#1 - Alexis!

Congratulations Alexis! I will email you soon to find out your aardvark preferences and will get your little buddy sewn up and on his way to his new home :)

Hoping to do another giveaway when I reach my 100th post... this marks number 70 so stay tuned my bloggy friends!

ps. To those of you who did not win, if you are interested in a little aardvark pal of your very own, let me know and we can strike up a little bargain :)


Sue said...

Congratulations, Alexis! That is so cool!

**nicke... said...

lets bargain... my son would love one!

Lyanna said...

You know, I do like your aardvark lots. We just have millions of stuffies that already live in our house... I'm sure you can imagine, lol.