June 16, 2011

Embroidery 101 Quilt A Long

I really need to stop reading posts about Quilt-A-Longs because every time I see one, I want to join it!

I've recently started dabbling in embroidery and I must say... I'm not that good haha. However I came across this Embroidery 101 Project and I must say I am rather intrigued. I love that not only do we learn basic stitches and make some cute patterns, we also make these into cute quilt blocks and turn it into a quilt-a-long at the same time.

Here is a sample of the block layout and what the stitched center would look like.
Click on the picture to go to Clover and Violet's post about this block and supplies needed.

First she captured my interest with the "Just Wing It" Fat Quarters but this picture of her Perle Cotton Thread choices def. hooked me. Aren't these just yummy?! Even if I didn't embroider I would want them sitting on my shelf haha.

I have a fat eighth bundle of "Just Wing It" which could be fun to use for this project, espec. since she already gave me the thread color numbers for it. Just not sure I want to get started tho... I'm scared that I will mess up my blocks with my awful embroidery skills. Hrmm... maybe I will wait and see how the lessons develop and work on practice muslin with normal embroidery thread and see what I think.

How about you - anyone else participating? How do you feel about embroidery mixed with quilting or just embroidery in general?


**nicke... said...

i need to get myself a bundle of "just wing it". i can't stop lusting after it!

Bree said...

I can certainly understand why you're tempted to join in to this quilt along, I am too! But there's just no way I can join another. I still haven't finished my quilt from the *last* one! :)