June 10, 2011

Feature Fabric Friday!

I really like seeing bloggers' favorite or new fabrics on their blogs so I have decided to start a "Feature Fabric Friday" series. Each Friday I will feature either fabric from my stash, or a new/coming soon fabric that I'm looking forward to.

Today's Feature Fabric Friday is a combination of linen and cotton fabric from Kokka featuring adorable characters with French captions:

As an animal lover, these little characters caught my eye and having a BA in French I loved the little captions on each one. I think my favorite is the school bus on linen, love how they are all hanging out and holding hands at the bus stop :)

 I'm not quite sure what to do with this collection tho! I have a 1/2 yard of all shown above, and a fat quarter of the first 3. I've also never combined linen and cotton before.

Any thoughts/suggestions on what fun things I could/should make out of this darling fabric?

1 comment:

Lyanna said...

I like the last 2 the best.

I've done flannel and regular cotton before, so I can only imagine how wonderful linen and cotton would be. Funny you bring that up though, I've been thinking lately about doing a quilt with lots of different textures: regular cotton, linen, fine corduroy, and maybe flannel.