June 14, 2011

Farmer's Wife (Girlfriend) Quilt-a-long

fwqal button by Happy Zombie 

That's right, its ANOTHER quilt-a-long. Can we say addiction? Hrmm...
Regardless, this quilt-a-long seemed rather neat so I decided to order the book from my library and jump on the bandwagon. At some point I may buy the book, because it seems like one that I need to have in my stash. This project stems from the book:
This book is comprised of letters from farmer's wives entered into a magazine contest asking them if, based on their own personal experience, would they want their daughter to marry a farmer and why? Random, but rather interesting. You get to read around 40 of the letters submitted and apparently the 111 blocks in the book were inspired by these letters. The book gives you a CD with the templates for all 111 blocks and instructions to make them and some information about them.
... I have not read the whole book yet but it seems super interesting and as I'm always up for another quilt-a-long, I will definitely be joining. Sampler quilts are rather cool in my opinion and this will be the second sample quilt-a-long I am joining this summer. Good times! :-D
There is a 50 block lap quilt option which people are coining the "Farmer's Girlfriend" which I think I will be tackling - as the 100+ blocks in the other options are rather daunting and make for rather large quilts which I seem to already well represented in my WIP/UFO pile :)

Not sure about fabrics... will post on that later once I decide. It doesn't tell you how much you need so I need a good amount from my stash to make 50 - 6 inch pieced blocks (finished size) as well as the sashing, borders, etc. The great thing about this project is that its in a book and although tons of bloggers are working on it "together" - I can start and finish whenever I want, no pressure!

So here's to another quilt-a-long ... are you in too?


Impera_Magna said...

Oh, that looks like it would be fun to do... wish I had the time for another QAL... have signed up for Don't Call Me Betsy's Kaleidoscope QAL which begins on June 23rd and just started working on Barbara Brackman's Civil War blocks as well...

Looking forward to seeing your progress with The Farmer's Daughter QAL!

**nicke... said...

i got my book this weekend too!

Michelle said...

This Farmer's Wife book has been popping up all over blogland! I signed up a few weeks ago with Marti Michell to receive instructions to use her templates for cutting the blocks. So I'm ready to go to start mine too!