June 17, 2011

Feature Fabric Friday & 1st QAL Block completed!

Welcome to another edition of Feature Fabric Friday - today we are all about dots - lots and lots of dots :)

The first specimen I have to share is a set of "egg dots" from Freebird by Moma for Moda Fabrics - I bought these when I first got into quilting last year and they are just waiting for the perfect project. 1 yard of each I believe. Just lovely :) 

My next collection falls under the  "lots and lots of dots" category so I thought I'd share it here as well as part of Feature Fabric Friday - but it will also be part of a 24 FQ set of "Ta Dot" by Michael Miller which I will be using for my "We Can Do it! Sampler" QAL:

Here are the first 9 prints for that QAL - aren't they just yummy? I have another 15 picked out and ordered and am o so excited to share them with you when they come. Funky and fresh and VERY colorful indeed!

And that leads me to my next big reveal.... (dramatic pause... haha)... My first QAL block!

Funky right? Love it! And before anyone points it out thinking I messed up, I MEANT to only use the yellow once. I wanted the starter block to stand out and be kind of random... and random it is. What do you think? Too modern/weird for your taste or right up your alley?

I am super excited to see what our second block of the month will be and can't wait to share it with you once its completed! The great thing about this QAL is that we only make 2 blocks a month, and although it will take us 12 months to complete, that gives me time for the other 4 QAL's I've signed up for haha.

Happy Sewing!!


Lindsay said...

you're on the ball! i love your fabric choices. i still have to pull some out of my stash for this... i'm excited for this quilt along - it's the first one i've done in 'real time'. (i made a whole 13 block quilt in one month. i'm a bit eager. haha) i was just looking through some of my austria pics for a scrapbook i'm putting together; remembering some fun times! :D

Bree said...

You're on a roll! I haven't even picked my fabrics yet, but I'm thinking I'm just going to go totally scrappy from what I've got in my stash. I like how yours turned out.

**nicke... said...

i am in love with all of these dots! i have got to get myself some of those ta dots. they are my fave! and in other news. we have all loved artie the aardvark! he has been lost and found at least three times now. mr. h LOVES to chew on him. one time that he was lost i was afraid that mr. H ate him! ;) he is getting LOTS and LOTS of love here!