October 8, 2012

AHHHH!!! Joel Dewberry at Sewing Summit!! *Faint*

O my goodness --- I am over the moon giddy right now!! I was just browsing the Sewing Summit blog and what did I find?

Picture from Sewing Summit Blog - click here for more information
Joel Dewberry is going to be the Keynote Speaker at lunch on Saturday!!!!!!!!

Ok for 1 - I didn't even know we would have a keynote speaker during lunch and 2 .... I love Joel Dewberry!!! No worries Mrs. Dewberry - I am simply in love with his creative fabric genius ;-)

The sound in my head when I read that on the Sewing Summit blog sounded much like "teen girl meets Justin Bieber".... gotta make sure to keep that in my head, especially at SS haha.

Seriously tho, he is one of my favorite designers. Aviary, Ginseng, Deer Valley, Modern Meadow, Aviary 2, Heirloom... love them all! The designs and the colors are all so unique - I love that he does not just repeat the same colors or styles over and over in his lines.

I also love that he is a guy - I know that sounds weird but it is so refreshing when there is a male designer or quilter who breaks into this female-dominated world of fabric/quilting/sewing and truly shines. I love his geometric patterns and drawings, which are not cutsey-wootsey but truly artistic and beautiful. I mean seriously, if you can put deer antlers on fabric and make it look artistic and not like it belongs in a hunting lodge- I'm impressed lol.

It will be really awesome to hear him speak about his creative journey as an artist and designer. I'm not sure if this is something I aspire to one day, but I still love hearing about how my favorites got to where they are today - whether fabric designer, pattern designer, quilter, etc. - and so the opportunity to hear Joel as a keynote speaker is just awesome.

After reading this news and realizing he is speaking at lunch, my next logical question is...

Who will the Saturday dinner keynote speaker be??

I'll share as soon as I know ;-)


**nicke... said...

you are going to have such a wonderful time! xo

Katy Cameron said...

Oh yeah, I thought he was the dinner speaker, lord only knows then!