October 21, 2012

Swap Progress

I know I owe you a few Sewing Summit blog posts and they are coming soon, I promise! Just haven't had any time to take project pictures and go through the pictures I have from the conference. I'm sure many of you are sick of them already tho ;-)

I do however have swap progress pictures to share!

#1: Pillow Talk Swap - Round 9

This is my 3rd round of the pillow talk swap and this is probably by far my best one - and will be sooooooooo hard to give it up!

Pillow Talk Swap - A Star is Born

This is the first half of a "Scrappy String Star" block I am making for my partner. I was able to finish the aqua, navy, and purple diamonds today so now I just have the pink one left. I also need to figure out what size to make the small setting triangles (top) and the larger ones (sides). If anyone knows how to calculate this - please do share!!

I will be using text fabric for my setting triangles - my partner and I both love color, scrappiness, and text fabric.... can't I just swap this with myself? :-D I still have 3 weeks until this is due so as long as I can figure out those setting triangles this week, I should have enough time to get it quilted and made into a pillow and out on time!

#2 - Modern She Made Swap - Round 2

I loved this swap in the Spring so I immediately signed up this Fall when I saw it had opened up again. My partner asked for a tote bag and I have to say I love love LOVE this one I made her.

Modern She Made Swap - Tote Bag

The binding on the straps took FOREVER but it was so worth it - it adds so much to a tote bag! I put a small zipper pocket on the inside for a small wallet and/or keys, as well as a slip pocked on the opposite side and a large slip pocket on the outside back which will fit a pattern, notebook, etc.

I love the way it turned out and she commented and said she likes it too so here's hoping she likes it even more in person! I still have a few weeks before I need to send it off so hopefully I can get a scrappy pouch/drawstring bag together for her too.

#3 - Sew Sew Modern - this one I haven't started yet because it isn't due until sometime in January. I needed to finish these first 2 before I even start this one. I think I'm going to make a journal cover for my partner - not sure what else I will make to go with that but that is where I will start.

I love swaps... I probably would not have signed up for them if I'd known my good news earlier... but I'll share that with you in another post ;-) (No, I'm not pregnant! lol )


Katy Cameron said...

All looking great so far!

Shannon said...

Ummm, I'm pretty sure both of these beauties are for me (even though I'm not officially in either of those swaps...a minor detail)...but I LOVE them so much that they must be coming my way!