October 28, 2012

Weekend progress report

A few things to share for the weekend...

1. Pillow Talk Swap 9
The top is finished for my "Scrappy Strip Script Star" pillow  (say that 5x's fast ;-))

 I am sooooooooooo in love with this and it is almost heartbreaking to give it away! However, the woman who will receive it is a pretty amazing sewer and I love her work and I know she will love this about as much as I do... so it is almost bearable to part with it for her... ALMOST :)

Just need to figure out what to do for the back and get er' done!

2. Melody Miller Color Block Pillow

Melody Miller Color Block Pillow

This is a pillow I've had in the works for quite some time now. I finally got around to finishing it up this weekend for a friend. I really really like it and wish I could keep it too, but she is absolutely worth parting with anything I make to give her a fun present so I'm ok handing this one over :)

3. Kitten in the Cabin

Kitten in the Cabin

I made this little mug rug for a co-worker's birthday. She likes cats and pink so I figured this was a good fit. Not sure if she is into crazy prints as much as I am but hopefully she will enjoy this on her desk none-the-less... I used some of my favorite pinks in here, including that light pink Joel Dewberry wood grain (drool! haha) She is up in Canada so we mailed a few things up to her on Friday as a belated b-day present and hopefully hurricane Sandy won't get to them before she does!

Speaking of Hurricane Sandy... take care everyone! We are in Delaware and are worried about a direct hit so close to home up in NJ. The coast is already flooding and they've evacuated a ton of people. We are about 2 hours from the DE beaches and NJ beaches but still way too close for comfort with all that wind and rain coming, espec. if Sandy hits land in NJ. Let's all pray that it blows further out to sea and becomes less intense as it works its way up the coast and inland over the next couple of days :-/

My mom and a friend already have the day off... unfortunately for me I'll be battling whatever the weather brings and dragging my wet self into work in the morning. What a bum rap... I was hoping for a day off but no power outages so I could sew some more haha ;-)

Sewing Summit posts are coming up this week - I promise! Finally getting my pictures sorted out and ready to get up here!


Shannon said...

Ok, if you send those pillows to other people you will officially be the most generous person I've ever met. I would probably pretend they got lost in the mail and keep them for myself.

Julie said...

Your pillow talk swap project is gorgeous!!

Cherie said...

Loving the pillows and the mug rug is super cute! I wish I had space on my desk to put things like that.
Hope the weather doesn't affect you too badly!