October 31, 2012

Scrappy String Script Pillow is done!

I just have to share another picture of this lovely pillow - I made the coveting even worse by putting a pillow form in the cover when I finished it this week. I had to take it out right after pictures so I wouldn't be tempted to snuggle it lol.

My partner really seems to like it based off of her photo comments and I love love LOVE her work and am excited to send it to her soon. I definitely have it on my list to make myself a similar one soon - this is absolutely a "me" pillow - it just so happens that my partner and I have very similar tastes so it is very "her" too which is great!

Without further ado - here it is:

PTS9 - ready to mail to you partner when Sandy moves on! :)

Now I just have to make some little extras for this partner and the one I'm sending the tote bag. I was thinking of making a little drawstring pouch for each with a little treat inside - maybe chocolate or a sewing notion or something. I'll probably work on those over the weekend tho - I still have plenty of time now that I have the big items finished. Feels good to not have to rush!

I'm also trying to finish up my first sample for a sewing class to propose to the store owner on Saturday. I have a few birthdays to celebrate with my friend and my mom between now and then - which definitely take priority - but I still think I should be able to get it finished up in time for our meeting on Saturday. Wish me luck!! Will post sample pictures when I get my item finished. Until then... happy sewing!!

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Marika said...

New layout ? I love it !!
I came earlier today and I don't know if I'm crazy but I could not find where to leave a comment !

Good luck for finishing up your project for your meeting ! If you don't take a 3 hours nap, I'm sure you'll get it done :) Kidding of course :p