November 4, 2012

WIP help needed - Heather Ross Dogs

Hi bloggy friends!

I need your help and advice today - please o please!

I have this pillow top that I started a while ago and it has been sitting on my shelf for a long time unfinished:

HR Puppy Pillow

I just don't like it - which is probably why I never finished it - and I need your help fixing it. I love the dog blocks, I think it is the yellow blocks that are throwing me off. I thought maybe if I did some heavy lined quilting in the yellow blocks I would like it - but just looking at it makes me not want to work on it :-p 

Any thoughts?? 

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Katy Cameron said...

Hmm, I think the heavy lines might do it - vertical in the top and bottom ones and horizontal in the side ones perhaps? Then a quick in the ditch round the frames or something to secure them.

Just catching up now I'm home anyway, and love your pillow talk swap cushion, and glad you survived Sandy!