November 14, 2012

Joel Dewberry, you've outdone yourself again!

I didn't think I could love a fabric line as much as I do Aviary 2 but Joel Dewberry has outdone himself on Notthing Hill - simply STUNNING. I love every colorway but the orange/magenta had me the first time I saw the pictures online and even moreso in person! Swoon!!

I ordered a 1/2 yard bundle of these 12 prints today - can't wait for them to come in the mail! Ahhhhhhhhhh so happy :) - That plaid (2nd from the top) is by far my favorite. I think I would love love LOVE to use that as backing if I can find it at a discount later on - we shall see.

However ~ Is it just me or is the price of fabric going up? Or maybe it is just this manufacturer? Most stores are selling it for $9.25 - even the stores that usually have lower prices than everyone else are selling it at this price. I was able to find it pre-order at a lower price so I just had to snatch it up immediately. I may be kicking myself next week if there are better Black Friday sales but o well ~ it is mine and will be coming my way this month and that makes me happy!

This is absolutely my LAST fabric purchase of the year. It was supposed to wait until January but I couldn't wait soooo..... let's consider it the last of 2012 and first of 2013 haha. My goal for 2013 is to save more of my personal money for bigger things like traveling, a quilting retreat, etc. so I need to be a lot more frugral with my fabric purchases. This was my one last big splurge... and so worth it!! :)

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Katy Cameron said...

Enjoy your haul! Believe it or not I barely saw this at SS as I was at the other side of the room, and he'd run on so long I had to go to my class before I could check out the display. Oh well, I seriously need to be on a fabric diet right now after spending the national debt of a small African country over there ;o)