November 16, 2012

PTS9 package has arrived ~ O BUDDY!! :) the best surprise was waiting for me when I got home from work today. Think of one of the top 10 worst days you've ever had at any job - and that is what my day was like yesterday. Today was surviving the aftermath - I really needed this pick me up :)

JenniferLGB of SewStitchy made me the most gorgeous pillow cover ever! This was at the top of my list of ones I was stalking from beginning to end and REALLY hoped would come to me! Ahhhh so awesome - I seriously yelled "Sqqqquuuuueeeeeeeee!!!!!!" and was dancing around the dining room when I opened it - I may have scared the dog lol.

Pillow Talk Swap 9 - From JenniferLGB

From the front to the back to the beautiful binding and awesome hidden zipper, this pillow is simply gorgeous and so well-crafted! And do you see all of those awesome goodies I got with it? Apparently I should have taken the plastic off of the chocolate bar but I was so excited to photograph it all and tell her thanks haha. And now I'm muching on that chocolate bar... hehehe

Thank you so much Jennifer, this is so beautiful and perfect for me! 

I mailed off my PTS9 and Modern She Made packages yesterday ~ one should arrive on Saturday and the other on Monday. 
This package makes me feel better about having to let my rainbow pillow go, totally worth it!


Jennifer said...

I am so happy you love it! I had so much fun making it. And the plastic on the chocolate bar is cracking me up...I wrapped it up just in case the package got heated up and the bar melted, I didn't want it to ooze all over. I bought myself a candy bar as well and when I opened it yesterday to eat it I realized it was in a sealed package inside the box, I could have left off the ugly plastic wrap to make it look prettier, LOL! Anyway, I am so glad it arrived safely and I hope you get much enjoyment out of it!

Katy Cameron said...

Aww, glad you got a pick me up, and the package is fab! Hope next week at work is better!