November 26, 2012

More doorstep happiness!

I was in crafty package heaven last week! The friday before last I received my PTS9 package which was just simply AMAZING! Then Monday or Tuesday I received this incredible package from Marika ~ I had sent her some Mendocino to add to her small collection and in return she made me this:

Personal swap with Marika - so many goodies!!

Check out the detail on this Somerset pillow - hand sewn ~ she is amazing!!

Marika is a sewing godess!

And look how great her spiderweb pillow and my PTS9 go together ~ loving them on my couch!

Left - Marika ~ Right - PTS9 from Jennifer

My husband has been teasing me that as much as I love the pillows, I seem to love the little monster best because I keep playing with him ~ he is pretty awesome!!

*sigh* happiest kid EVER! Marika went above and beyond and I feel completely spoiled!

I received another package on Saturday but I'll tell you all about that once I have pictures!

Hope everyone had a happy thanksgiving ~ I had a great time hanging out with my mom and husband and having a craft day with my mom on Friday. Sure thankful to have had a few days off of work too! :-p