November 9, 2012

Project Update Time!

Several blogger friends are listing their projects weekly to show off and keep track of what they are working on. I think this is a really good idea because sometimes I forget what I have coming up. Sooooo...... here is what I've got for you folks today:

1. Pillow Talk Swap Pillow - Completed ~ just need to pick out some extras and get this in the mail!

PTS9 - ready to mail to you partner when Sandy moves on! :)

2. Modern She Made Swap - Completed ~ just need to pick out some extras and get this in the mail!

Modern She Made Swap - Tote Bag

3. November Bee Blocks - Bee a (Modern) Swapper Bee - Layout started:

Block #2 - option A

#1 for Jill - option 2

4. Sew Sew Modern - Due in January - Not yet started
... will start brainstorming soon since my other 2 swap items are completed

5. The Modern Stash Bee - 6 month Bee - starting in January

Not that I needed something else to sign up for but some of my favorite people were hosting and participating in this Bee so I figured why not give it a try :) I got some really great "picnic quilt" blocks from my last group so maybe I'll ask for more of those? Who knows... my month isn't until Feb so I'll brainstorm then.

This weekend I am heading down to my mom's to hang out with her belatedly for her birthday and have some girl time/craft time which will be fun! Will show you my creations when I get back! Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


**nicke... said...

great makes tiff! i hope you have a great weekend with your mom! xo

Katy Cameron said...

Fun makes, hope you have a fun weekend!