April 7, 2011

AQS Quilt Show in Lancaster, PA - March 2011

My very first quilt show... o my goodness o my goodness was it ever fabulous! Such a long day and lots of walking but it was a wonderful outing with my mom.

The first thing we did when my mom and I arrived was to play with the long arm quilting machines! I thought I'd died and gone to crafting heaven! If only I had $15,000 lying around and no school loans, that baby would be MINE! haha - good to know that I can go back once a year to play with the machines tho... get a little fix to hold me over until one day... one day.... :-D

The vendor booths were great for patterns, ideas, and OF COURSE some fabric! And after the show we checked out some of my favorite fabric stores in another village close by and then had some super tasty home cooking in another village. All in all a super fantastic not to be missed type of day!

Inspite of all the other fabulousness, the best part of the whole day was ofcourse, the quilt show. Below is a nice long string of photos for your browsing enjoyment. I could not possibly take pictures enough to show the beauty of these and hundreds of other quilts at the show but here are some snippets of my favorite picks:

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