April 27, 2011

MIA - kidnapped by a special project!

Sorry for my lack of posts lately... I'm sure my 2 or 3 avid followers have been worried, haha.

I've been working on a secret project the past few weeks that I can't reveal until this summer. Its nothing cool like being in a book or going to market or any other wonderful thing I've been reading about on other people's blogs.... just a project for a loved one that is taking up the majority of my free time which is already rather limited. I'll be sure to post all about it and tons of pics when its completed and delivered!

Until then, I'm hoping to have an affair with a few smaller projects behind Mr. Secret Project's back... shhh... don't tell ;-) So lets hope for more sewing time and a more interesting post soon to come!

Just because I can't post without a picture, and these are pretty :-D

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