April 6, 2011

Joel Dewberry where have you been all my life?!

That's right folks, I'm in love and the lucky man is Joel Dewberry. Darling husband and Joel's dear wife, don't get upset, I only want him for his fabric and patterns... it's a very superficial and one sided love affair :).

I stumbled across this quilt pattern the other day and the attraction was instantaneous!

After being teased with this gorgeous quilt I immediately had to find the fabric which was used - it turned out to be Aviary 2 by Joel Dewberry. His blog and this pattern can be found here

After seeing this gorgeous bundle of purples and blues, how could I help falling in love! And ofcourse, it didn't just stop there... the greys and the mustard yellow hues strengthened his hold on my heart (and wallet! haha)

The purple half yard bundle will be used for creating a smaller version of his quilt pattern above and matching pillows (o joy of joys!).
I'm not sure what these delicious yellow/grey fat quarters will be magically turned into but I'm excited to get them in the mail and find out!

.... and if this wasn't enough, I just found this bundle on Etsy today! It's from Joel's Gensing Collection - so many colorways and prints, so little time (and money!)

O Joel... I just can't get enough of you! :) This one will have to stay on my wish list for a while along with some of its little friends, but one day it will be mine... o yes... it will be mine...

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JenB said...

Gorgeous! Love the top colors the most