April 8, 2011

Weekend sewing? I hope!

I've been in a slump this week with my craftiness. I had a pile of fat quarters that needed cut up for my 2nd charity quilt and although I ironed them on Monday at work, it is now Friday and they are still uncut. Boo :(

Here is a run-down of my non-productive crafting week:
Monday - Ironed 10 fat quarters - only productive thing I did this week after work!
Tuesday - Cranky, not crafty.
Wednesday - Stressed over a pattern I'm supposed to be testing - could not convince myself to make it and wrote some suggestions to the designer and then stressed all night that she would be upset/offended. Fortunately she was not, so I felt better about it Thursday morning :)
Thursday - Bought a pattern for a fabulous purse, printed it out, and forgot to take it home! Spent the rest of the evening after work/dinner/board game with hubby - trying to figure out what to make and made nothing at all.

Now for the weekend plans:
Friday - Going to our local climbing wall gym again today - awesome! Not crafty but VERY fun and productive
Saturday - Temple trip to DC and Ikea/Dinner afterwards - another good activity with my husband that has nothing to do with craftiness

But Sunday... maybe Sunday... there will be some crafty time before or after church. And if there is, this is what I plan on making:

Image of Bracelet Bag Sewing Pattern The Bracelt Bag by Kekalou Patterns

This is the pattern I bought yesterday. She is have a sale on her gorgeous patterns - $5 each and you get it instantly through email in pdf format - no shipping charges or waiting, awesome!
If you are looking for cute bag, pouch, wallet, etc. patterns I can highly recommend her site.

Not a very ambitious sewing weekend but hey, hubby time at the rock wall and temple is definitely higher on the priority list which is a-ok with me :)

Hope you all have a fun weekend - crafty or not!

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Lyanna said...

Wow, 3 comments in one day...

That's a super cute purse too, would make a pretty awesome scripture bag. Do you think it's big enough to be?