April 12, 2011

Pleasing Pleats Purse

I am almost giddy about this purse. Who cannot love something with pleats on it, seriously... so cute! This tutorial was super easy to follow and using only 2 fat quarters and 1 magnetic snap, I was able to make this purse in around 2 - 3 hours including cutting out the pattern. Get the free pattern here.

This really makes me want to figure out how to make skirts... I love pleated skirts!

Yes this is hanging on my front apartment door around the peephole - sad photography skills, I know! Hey, I needed a white background and somewhere to hang it... worked for me! :-D I'm into sewing, not photography, sorry.

Lovely orange inside of my purse with magnetic snap and cell phone pocket, yay! A zipper pocket on the opposite side would be nice too, need to think about how to make that one.
At any rate, I think this pleated purse turned out rather cute. I do have some tips for you if you end up creating your own with the pattern link above.

1. For step #14 - it says turn the lining inside out. Its already wrong side out and should stay that way. You need to turn the purse inside out, so that the right sides are facing out when you insert it into the liner for sewing.

2. While pleating your purse front, it may end up smaller than your lining. You should trim the lining to match the purse front pieces before assembling either. Will save you some unwanted pleating on the inside while sewing, trust me! :)

3. Number 15 and 16 - sew 3" hole shut before tucking the liner into the purse - obviously!

4. I would suggest attaching the straps before sewing the liner and outside together - I'm not such a big fan of straps sewn on afterward.

Use some type of interfacing on this bag and perhaps some padding inside the handle. Otherwise it hangs and bends like a tote bag and for such a fancy pants bag, you really do not want that. Sample #2 for me will def. use fusible interfacing... I'll let you know how that goes with the pleating process.

Pleats are easy and fun, don't let this pattern scare you! Enjoy!


Melissa said...

Really really amazing. You are incredible. This is darling. Please learn to make skirts... just think, I could hire you to make matchy matchy things!!! :)

Millie Motts said...

This has to be one of my favorites.

Karla said...

Thank you for sharing/linking this pattern. I made it today and it truly is a quick pattern. Thank you also for your sewing suggestions. I made the shoulder strap in two pieces (one on each side) then knotted them together. I wanted to be able to make the strap longer or shorter. Next time I may make the bag a little deeper, but I do love it. I made it in Dr. Seuss fabric. FUN