July 7, 2011

Accuquilt Go! Baby - Thoughts?

I've been reading a lot lately about these Accuquilt Go! cutters - and there have been a TON of giveaways for the Go! Baby cutter in bloggyland. I have yet to win one, unfortunately :( however I did find one on Amazon for only $68 which just blows my mind - especially as Joanns and Accuquilt sell them for $140 (no coupons allowed at Joanns for this item).

So... I'm thinking about buying one. It does not come with any dies or cutting mats, all of that is separate and kind of pricey itself. Questions for my lovely readers on this topic:
Do you have one?
Do you want one?
Do you think its worth the money? $68 seems great for the Baby cutter but the dies are 25-50$ each and you have to buy and replace cutting mats for the machine too - around 12$ a mat.

Just thought I'd take a random survey and see what your thoughts/recommendations are ... I'm in no rush, I have a million projects to work on that don't need cut by this fancy machine :)


Melissa @ Love Affair With My Brother said...

I just got the GO! for my birthday (not the baby). It was $200 and came with a die set. Then with the 4th of July sale they had I was able to got 4 more dies for $99.40. My dies should arrive on Monday next week and I can't wait to start playing around. Depending on what you want to do with it it may be worth the little bit of extra money to get the GO!, that is unless you are lucky enough to win one :)

Bree said...

I think they look awesome! But I would worry that I wouldn't use it as much as I think I would. Granted, I don't do a ton of quilting, so that makes a big difference to me. Personally though, I'd be highly tempted at just $68 if we didn't have Goose on the way! Are dies & mats cheaper on Amazon as well? Can you use coupons on the dies or mats at JoAnn? Just a couple things to keep in mind!

Sue said...

I ordered the Studio when it was on sale last week, and the rep that took my order told me that the dies go on sale all the time, and a lot of customers call regularly to ask what's on special. You also earn points for every purchase and can use them toward future purchases. It's still not cheap, but it all helps!
As far as its usefulness...my friend Terri http://sew-fantastic.blogspot.com/ used the Go! Baby last week and gave it rave reviews. I talked to a few other people who told me how FAST it is, and that's what sold me. =)

Impera_Magna said...

I think the GO! cutters are cool and I love gadgets. I do wonder if I would use one enough to justify the cost.

I don't mind rotary cutting (so much faster/easier than using the scissors I've been using for years) and enjoy the math of it. I'm not sure why cutting 2.5" strips is so difficult one would need a GO! to speed up the process.

I not into applique so I wouldn't need the GO! cutter to cut out shapes.

I wonder if all the fiddling you'd have to do with the GO! cutter would actually be faster than rotary cutting.

I just made a tumbler quilt and had no problem cutting those with a rotary cutter. I do see that cutting a lot of curved pieces, such as for an apple core or drunkard's path quilt, would be easier with a GO!

I've also heard that the GO! cutters accuracy is great when piecing because every piece is exactly the same.... however, I've been sewing for 50 yrs and making things work isn't a big issue for me, esp when you're talking that much $$$.

I've talked to people who say you have to be careful to have things just so when using a GO! b/c if you don't... the pieces turn out kinda funky.

So, I decided that a GO! cutter & dies would just take up space (which I don't have) and gather dust (which I hate doing)... I'd rather spend the money on fabrics.

I don't think the GO! cutters will be going out of production any time soon so, if I change my mind, I can always get one...

LynCC said...

Impera said it perfectly, except I haven't been quilting that long. :)

Debbie said...

I've been intrigued seeing them all over on the blogs lately, but honestly had no idea they were THAT expensive. Personally I'd rather have the fabric I could buy. Of course if I actually tried one out I might change my mind....I'm kind of thinking it takes a bit of finagling to just get your fabric the right size/shape to fit on the thing....totally on the fence here.