July 10, 2011

Weekend Sewing and QAL update

As you probably know, I am involved in way too many QALs, swaps, bees, charity projects, etc. Here is a small smattering of those I've worked on recently (this weekend) and those I've recently signed up for:

1. Kaleidescope QAL:

I finished up my cutting of everything except for the grey solid and 3 FQs which I am waiting to receive in the mail. Their predecessors  suffered an untimely death due to mis-cutting Friday night.

I also sewed together my first block. There is some puffing in the middle which will hopefully be fixed through more ironing and the final quilting. Hopefully my other 29 blocks turn out a little flatter, but all in all I love this little guy and can't wait to get the rest of his friends put together!

Block #3 - Churn Dash 

And just for fun - here are my June blocks 1-3 laid out together:

I finally bought Kona Coal for my solid and cut up my strips today. I realized that the fabric requirements on the QAL were wrong however, so I need to buy more solid. Fortunately I can still do the strip piecing step of the QAL this week without the extra solid so hopefully I can get that done. 

All of the charm sets were received and have been sent out to the participants. I can't wait to get my set! Here is a preview from the organizer:

6. 4 x5 Modern Bee on Flikr

Here is my inspiration collage for my bee members - my requested colors are Orange/Aqua/Grey with Coal or White as the background. I'm super excited to get this started! Blocks are due by Oct. 15 so stay tuned :)

4 x5 Bee Aqua/Orange/Grey inspiration

7. For the Love of Solids - Swap on Flikr

Sign-ups start on the 13th... I have not 100% made up my mind yet but I am pretty sure I will join. 
We have to make one big item - like a mini quilt, table runner, etc. for our partner and then one little item - like a scrap bundle, pin cushion, etc. It is due by Sept. 15th tho so I just need to make sure I can get my bee blocks done and this and everything else haha. 

Here is my inspiration collage for my swap partner:

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Impera_Magna said...

Wow... you have gotten a lot done since you got home! WTG!

Debbie said...

You DO have alot going on! (me too-yikes!) I really like your kaleidoscope block - too bad about the cutting incident, but it happens....I missed out on the rainbow swap but am hoping to make it in round 2 AND also considering the solid swap...hmmm.

Bree said...

You're sending me the Rainy Days & Monday's quilt & your 4x5 blocks, you do know that, right? ;) LOVE what you've got going here!

Carla said...

Great projects! It's good to know I'm not the only one whose blocks aren't flat in the middle. I'm looking forward to seeing your Zig and Zag.

krista said...

i am just adoring the all dots prints you're using for your skill builder quilt. what a great idea, it looks really cool!

Lee said...

I'm just seriously loving your all-dots Skill Builder quilt! Soooo cool, especially when you show the three blocks together! Your kaleidoscope block looks great too. Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday. : )