July 25, 2011

Weekend WIP Update

Hello and welcome to today's episode of "What I worked on this weekend" haha
Considering that it was in the 100s here and it wasn't worth it to go outside for anything but pool time, there were a lot of movies, crafting, and napping at our place... ie. a LOVELY weekend :)

That being said, let's get this WIP Update started:

1. Kaleidescope QAL:

FINALLY got all of my grey triangles sewn on and everything ironed - now I just need to pair them up, then pair up again and voila, 29 more blocks will be completed! Now if only it could be completed as fast and simple as it sounds haha.
I am definitely behind and will not have this completed by August 4th with the rest of the group but I've come to terms with that and I'm ok. :)

2. We Can Do It! - Skill Builder Sampler:
Block #5 and the last of the HST's (thank goodness! hehe)

3. A Zig & A Zag QAL:
**Pictures to come maybe on my Wednesday WIP update if I have time for one, started working on this last night and might actually make some headway this week!

4. 4 x5 Modern Bee on Flikr
I need to make 5 blocks - one for each of my bee members - here are the first 2:

They just happened to choose the same colors, which are also my colors for this bee! I really want to keep these blocks and work them into my own quilt haha... but I'll be nice and mail them on ;-) These crazy blocks are super fun to make, just takes about 1.5 hours and I'm a little burnt out on creativity afterward so I like to space them out.

5. For the Love of Solids - Swap on Flikr

Just got my partner today! So excited to get started on her project! I'm thinking coal, violet, dark violet, and 2 colors of turquoise (darker and lighter). I'm not sure about a pattern or block style, or if I'm going to make a mini-quilt or a pillow cover... we'll see what I come up with. Fabric.com is having a sale on Kona Cotton and with the 15% off coupon I have, it is only $3.60 a yard, can't pass that up!

6. Children's Charity Project

Last year I mentioned that my church was working with the youth in our Sunday School's across Delaware to earn quilt squares for reading their scriptures. I volunteered to make 5 quilts for our group by October... kicking myself for taking so much on haha but its nice to give back. These quilts will be a reward for the children's efforts to read their scriptures throughout the year, and will be donated to local chartities.

1 finished, and 2 tops finished - here is top #2 that I just completed on Friday:

I just want to say thank you SO much again to those bloggers who posted about this project and/or donated fabric to our cause. Definitely could not have made these beautiful quilts without you! So glad to donate my time and talents to supporting our youth and community... gives me the warm fuzzies inside ;-)

7. And re-posting this from earlier in the week - a charity bee block for Sew Fresh Fabrics:

Cabin Fever
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Impera_Magna said...

Your beautiful Kaleidoscope quilt will get done in its own time... deadlines, smeadlines...


**nicke... said...

impressive. you are a sewing machine!

Debbie said...

wow you have alot going on and they all are beautiful!! esp. love your 4x5 blocks...I.um.need to get started on that!!

kristastitched said...

oh my! lovely progress. I'm still assembling my kaleidoscope blocks too, lol. Loving your dots block, so cool. how nice that you're making quilts for charity, that's a great thing! All your blocks look really good :D

Sarah Ridge said...

i'm so impressed. how do you do it all?

Melinda said...

Your progress amazes me! I didn't get quite that much done. Your blocks are so lovely!

Connie said...

Your kaleidoscope looks great and it doesn't matter when you finish it. Love the modern bee blocks!

Elizabeth D. said...

Your Ta Dot blocks always make me smile :) And I love how your Kaleidoscope is coming together - and it doesn't matter when it gets done, it's going to look great!! :)

Diane said...

Your Kaleidoscope is going to be beautiful!

Diary of a Flutter.Kat said...

Some really nice blocks in progress! I especially like both sets of bee blocks.
Kat xx

Quiltstory said...

Such great blocks! Love the hst one!

Bree said...

Your kaleidoscope is looking great! You know I'm looking forward to seeing it all put together. And I can't wait to see the rest of your 4x5 blocks.

Gwen @ Gwenny Penny said...

I LOVE your Modern Bee blocks! Gorgeous.