July 12, 2011

Gift time!

There were some nice goodies in the mail when I got back from visiting my family in Indiana last week.

First off was my partner's gift from the gift exchange:

These are little felt flowers - I really like the first one with the pink and oranges and the sunflower style one next to it. These will look really cute on a bag or some other project I think. Time to start brainstorming :) Thanks Tara!

Second... and I must say WOW I'm so excited about this every day.... was the mini "swoon" quilt I wont from Deb at http://aquilterstable.blogspot.com/ She had a giveaway for her 100th post and I was the lucky winner! The pictures looked lovely on her computer but wow, this quilt is even prettier in person! It is now gracing my table and makes me smile everytime I see it - thanks again Deb! :)

Recognize that fabric? It is Aviary 2 from Joel Dewberry, one of my favorite lines! I have SO much of this fabric and have yet to make anything out of it. Her fantastic fabric taste makes me love it all the more ;-) Green and eggplant purple happen to be my 2 favorite colors as well... seriously... its like it was made for me!

Speaking of giveaways... I am going to make something special for a lucky reader for my 100th post... 9 more after this one so stay tuned!


Bree said...

Lucky you! That mini quilt is just gorgeous.

LynCC said...


Debbie said...

Soooo glad you like it, Tiffany! Who knew (certainly not I!) your favorite colors & fabric line! Wow - I think it really WAS made for you! Yay!

Debbie said...

haha...I just showed hubby your blog & he said "hey, that looks like your quilt!" :-) yup.

Caitlin said...

darling flowers, and LOVE that quilt block. yea for winning! :)

tiffany, all your projects are amazing! wish i was as ambitious and productive. :)