July 22, 2011

Awesome Heartsy Seller and "Cabin Fever" - a charity bee block

First thing this morning, I want to share this awesome Heartsy.me deal with all of you.

Heartsy - Exclusive deals on fabulous handmade designer items at members-only prices.

If you don't know about Heartsy.me, its an online voucher source for Etsy stores. Each day they share various deals from various shops, and you can even browse future shops and vote for ones you'd liked to see featured.

Starting tomorrow (today for VIP members) - for 16$ you can get a $38 voucher to Aggieray.

That is a great deal and the seller is super nice and helpful!
I am a VIP member I got a $48 voucher for the same price - and got to buy mine a day earlier than normal members.

Want to know what I purchased?

No joke - $16, including shipping, for this fabulous bag! I'm soooooooooo excited to get in whenever she finishes it, as it was a custom order. So if you are in the market for a new handmade bag at a great price, check out Heartsy for the voucher and Aggieray for the wonderful products!

Other than my great shopping experience this morning... I also wanted to share my new charity bee block. Sew Fresh Fabrics was offering a small scrap bundle to readers on their blog, and asked in return that we use the scraps to make a 12.5" quilt square with the scraps, then keep the rest for our scrap bag. Here is what I came up with last night, I really like the way it turned out:

Cabin Fever
I love participating in charity projects, even if its just one block for a bee, it makes a difference.

Hope you are all having a wonderful Friday!
Its going to be in the 100s here today with high humidity, as always.
I hate heatwaves but I'm leaving work early to go enjoy the pool to stay cool :)
Delaware is not in the west... it should not be this hot here!

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Bree said...

Can't wait to see the purse you get!

And I really like your block! That's a fun block pattern.