January 17, 2012

3 x 6 Bee blocks done - woo hoo!

I was able to finish up my 3 x 6 bee blocks this weekend while crafting with my mom. So glad those are all done - between my 3 x 6 and 4 x 5 bee I made 11 of these blocks - 9 of those were made in the past 2 weeks, yikes! Def. will not overload my schedule like that again!

3 x 6 Bee - Hive 2 - Finished!

Mailing everything out today - the 4 x 5 bee blocks are still on time but these 3 x 6 bee blocks were due yesterday - a holiday - so I don't really care that they are 1 day late. I am sure my group will survive :)

And speaking of Bees and swaps... here is what I have going on this quarter which is new:

1. 4 x 5 Bee - Q1 of 2012 - still waiting on group assignment

2. Bee Modern - 12 month bee where we only make 2 blocks every other month and on the "off" months there is a small swap - March is my month so I will be picking a block and colors soon! Maybe will post my options on here to get some opinions :)

3. For the love of solids swap - enjoyed this so much last year, had to sign up again! Waiting for my partner assignment so I can get to plotting! We have to make 1 big item and then send another item - either store bought or hand made. Last year I sent a pillow, mug rug, and stuffed squirrel... will see what my partner wants this year.

4. And I saved the best for last.... Pillow Talk Swap Round 7!! This is seriously one of the best flikr swaps and I am SO glad that I randomly noticed yesterday morning that they were taking applications for this new round because spots filled up SO FAST! There may be a couple left but they will go soon so jump on it if you missed the announcement too!

I think #1 is due in April, # 3 middle/end of March, #4 I am not sure what the dates are, and #2 I won't have to make any blocks until May since I am Queen Bee for March so I should really be ok with this schedule. Looking forward to showing you all my new projects for these Bee's & Swaps!

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Debbie said...

love your bee blocks! Sounds like you are in for some good quilty fun!