January 28, 2012

New WIPs for Swaps to show you!!

I know I just wrote a post about not starting new things, but these were things I already joined so it is ok, or so I will tell myself haha. I am doing a good job of using the lovely fabric I have and only buying more for swaps when it is really necessary so hopefully that holds out haha.

So - on with the show!

Here are the 4 x 5 Bee Q 3 & 4 and 3 x 6 Bee Q 4 blocks I have received so far - waiting on 2 more. They are so pretty - love having them up on my design wall!  (speaking of which - ignore the polka dot flannel, that is my design wall down in the bottom right corner... with my only pieces of Mendocino stuck up these so I can admire them daily, hehe.)

4 x 5 Bee Q3 & 4; 3 x 6 Bee Q4

Next is a sneak peek of my pincushions for my pincushion swap. I joined a year long bee and every other month we do a little swap, and every non-swap month is a block making month for our hive members - super fun! February is a swap month and I would love to show you the rest but my partner will know immediately that these are for her so I have to keep it a secret 2 more weeks until I can mail them out :)

... I will admit, it is kind of a small silly swap, but I wanted to do it so :-p haha.

Pincushion Swap - Sneakie Peekie

Next is something I am super excited about - the For the Love of Solids Swap - Round 2

My partner seems to like pink and blue so here are the colors I picked out for her initially:

FTLOS Kona Palette

I got a lot of "down with the pink!" feedback - and in the end I decided to not mix the 2 groups. We have to make a big item and smaller item so I will make her smaller item pink and grey since it is her favorite color. However I decided to stick with blues for her big item because it seemed like she liked those colors on her mosaic and I really liked the way they fit into this design - by Jaybird Quilts:

FTLOS Finished Top

I started cutting fabric for this after lunch today and just finished it up - with lots of breaks in between. So fun to get a top done start to finish like that! It was supposed to be a mini quilt but ended up 25.25 x 25.5 - a little big but beautiful if I do say so myself ;-) I really hope my partner likes it or I will gladly hang it in my own sewing room! Now I just have to figure out a fun way to quilt it, hrmmmmm...

That is all for today - hope everyone is having a lovely weekend!


Caitlin said...

holy cow, you are amazing! it's so fun to see all of your stuff. :)

Debbie said...

love seeing your 3x6 and 4x5 blocks together - very nice!

Craft Couture by T.C. said...

you definitely are on a roll.:) Your new quilt top is very beautiful..great choices of colors..I am sure your partner will love it! :)