January 23, 2012

Meet Titus - the manly pink elephant

I am pleased to introduce you to my new friend Titus - the manly pink elephant - isn't he so cute!! :)

Meet Titus

Why is he male and pink? I have no idea - he just seemed like a male to me inspite of his brightness and flowery ears ;-)

This is my first dimensional (read: not flat) softie. 
I used a pattern - Simplicity #2921 which was a pain in my butt; but after a lot of yelling and shaking the fabric in anger, and help from my mom when she could stop laughing at me, he turned out pretty awesome. If I am to be completely honest, it was def. more my impatience and mistakes than the pattern being annoying - I am just used to online tutorials with more steps and pictures.

He definitely needs a snuggly friend in green - but for the safety of that elephant and my own sanity, I will wait a bit to try making one again. ;-)

Why is he named Titus? Elphant Titus... Elephantitis... hehe...

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abby glassenberg said...

I love him! His tusks are fantastic. I wonder who writes those McCall's patterns?

Tiffany said...

Abby - I wish YOU would make patterns - your softies are my favorite! So unique with so much personality :)

And this was a Simplicity pattern I just noticed - Simplicity #2921 - not McCalls. Not sure who made this but I'm glad they decided to share.

Diane said...

Haha. That's awesome! HE is awesome!! :) Great job! Maybe one day I'll try and make a softie. (I'll probably have to have my mom help me too. She makes them all the time!) :)

Mangogirl said...

gorgeous elephant. I love elephants.

Jess said...

That elephant is adorable! I love that he's a pink man :)