March 9, 2012

Fell right off the wagon... and hit my head :(

14 days people - that is how long my fabric diet lasted... only 14 days lol. Ugh... I am pathetic.

But seriously... how is "This Crafty Fox" supposed to withstand the appeal of Aneela Hoey's foxes? I tried to convince myself to wait until April but my favorite store has a tendency to sell out of popular lines/prints quickly so I just couldn't hold back for long.

I was atleast good and move those "half yards" down to fat quarters in my cart - also got the mushrooms and dots sets because they are gret blenders/basics and were just too darn cute to passup since I was already being bad lol.

... and if I have to be honest, I might as well admit that I fell off the wagon yesterday by buying some Farmdale prints I've been drooling over for months, so today is basically hitting my head after falling off the wagon lol. It is funny how easy that second purchase is compared to the first ;-)

Ok... seriously... back on the diet until Guising comes out in April! I should punish myself by waiting until May but I know it won't happen... Guising will sell out quick and I really really want some of those pearl bracelts and a couple other prints so I might as well stay realistic lol.

(Good thing I've never been interested in smoking, drinking, drugs, etc. but apparently I have the makings of a very week addict! lol)


**nicke... said...

that's my girl! stay off that wagon! and guising.. i don't know what it is. am i missing something amazing???

Diane Bohn said...

Yay! I can't wait for my package to arrive! Lol. :) I think what makes it the hardest is that once the fabric is gone it's gone. It's driving me crazy that they don't just keep making all the cute lines. And I agree, once you buy that first one it's way too easy to buy some more. I still remember my first fq bundle that I bought. :) you did get some good fabrics though! so cute. :)

Lindsay said...

haha. that post made me laugh. but i agree with you. you HAD to have those foxes! :)