March 7, 2012

Pincushion Swap Awesomeness!

Speaking of swaps...I forgot to share the awesome package I received from our Pincushion Swap!

Yes - I realize I should have just made myself a pincushion instad of making and mailing one lol but regardless - I did it and my partner loved her package and I absolutely loved mine :)

Pin Cushion Swap - Received = AWESOME!

I wanted a happy rainbow pincushion and that is exactly what I got - so cute! She added a matching thread catcher, pins, a super useful and cute needle book, and some fun scraps including that little Heather Ross fish and the clothespin people! Yay!

Awesome partner made up for the fact that I really should not have signed up for this swap in the first place due to everything else I should have been working on lol.


Craft Couture by T.C. said...

what a lovely package you got, Tiffany! :) The pincushion is so adorable and the thread catcher is a great idea. Congratulations! :D

**nicke... said...

great loot! my partner still hasn't posted about getting her pinnie yet. i hope she isn't disappointed.