March 12, 2012

Swaps Finished - woo hoo!!! :)

My swaps for this quarter are finally finished and being mailed off today, woo hoo! One is almost local, I could drive it the few hours to her house, and another is international so I hope it makes it safe and sound!

I added some fun FQs to my Pillow Talk Swap pillow package along with the pillow top I've shown you a few times - so hard to send this one off!! :)

Finished Pillow Talk Swap 7 Cover

And here is my finished For the Love of Solids swap package - made her a little travel project bag to go along with her mini-quilt.

FTLOS Finished

And I've been told that this picture looks more grey and less salmon - but I still don't see a difference because ALL of my pictures looked grey/blue to me - not salmon/blue/white! lol

Feels good to be done and get everything in the mail - I can finally relax a little and work on personal projects. Super excited to see what I will get in the mail this week from my partners for both swaps!!

Hoping these swaps don't run at the same time again - I'd like to keep doing both but it is hard to keep up with multiple swaps when I have so much else going on.

I will ALWAYS sign up for the Pillow Talk Swap, that is by far my favorite and my #1 swap priorty.
Do you have any favorite swaps?

In other weekend news - Saturday was a little crazy. I was so excited about my meeting with Michelle and nervous that I was going to forget something important, like my quilt!, that I woke up and got ready super early and thought I was totally on the ball. 25 minutes into my hour drive I realized that I forgot my purse at home on the couch!! I had to go all the way back and by that time I only had 1 hour before I was supposed to meet her - ugh. Took the faster way and paid tolls so I could get to my mom's house, pick her up, and get to our meeting place hopefully on time. Ended up only being 10 minutes late which was not as bad as I thought it would be but O what a stressful morning after I thought things were going so well! lol

All is well that ends well I suppose tho and my meeting with Michelle went great. She brought some colors of thread to show me and I picked out a lovely light pink. She is super nice and I'm excited to work with her on this quilt and more in the future. Sugar Pop should be completed in a few weeks and I'm super excited to see it finished and ofcourse share pictures with all of you!

One more fun picture for you - Plush Peeps from my mom for Easter - they are so realistic, I keep wanting to eat them everytime I see them haha.

Peeps - so realistic I want to eat them :)

Happy Monday - hope your weekend was filled with only good things!


Impera_Magna said...

Ooooo... love those plush peeps! I wonder if I can find those around here?

I haven't gotten into swaps b/c I don't have the time right now... I might do one in the summer when I'm off work...

Kimberlee said...

I love both of your creations. That blue/gray pillow is very graphic. Love it! PS - I am going to have to go grab some of those plush peeps... gotta have those, LOL!
~Kimberlee, The Spunky Diva

Elaine said...

I love both your FTLOS and PTS swap items! Lucky partner! I did both of these swaps too... now I'm onto DQS12 :) Happy Quilting!

jillm said...

Great pillow and mini quilt. I love the Pillow Talk Swap and the Pretty Little Pouch Swap

Karen said...

Wow, your FTLOS quilt is amazing, I love the colour choices but the design is so vivid. Is it your own or from a pattern? I'm sure your swap partners will be thrilled :o)

Kelli said...

Cute plush peeps! :) And I LOVE your pillow cover at the top and your other swap items, they're gorgeous!

Raggy Rat said...

plush peeps - no cavities!