March 9, 2012

Sugar Pop off to the quilter!!!

O man... I am so excited but also exhausted after spending 2 hours prepping this quilt!
So glad that is all done tho and she is off to the quilter tomorrow!!!!!
Giddy... seriously... beyond giddy lol.
Here is a picture taken tonight to show her with the borders even tho you can't see the print so well:

And here is a picture to show the fuscia pink I used for the back (I promise it does match some of the prints in the quilt :)):
Sugar Pop - backing shot

Next time we all see her she will be quilted by the wonderful Michelle and will just need her binding.

My first quilt to finish just for me.... it is so close... giddy... o so giddy... and sleepy haha goodnight!


**nicke... said...

i love that your bedroom looks just like mine. no headboard, crap piled on the night stand, and quilts on the bed! love it. meant to be friends, you and i are! love the quilt tiff! it is going to be so fun to have it back from the quilter. are you going to hand or machine bind it?

Candice @ Made With Love said...

Beautiful! All of the bright colors just scream happy! :)

LynCC said...

Love it! Love the fuschia. I've got Sugar Pop, and I'm sure it looks terrific together. Really nice use for the collection.

Diane Bohn said...

LOVE the fuschia for the back! That is so exciting. :) congrats on having a quilt just for you. :)

Melinda said...

Love it! It looks like a twin I just did. Love your colors!