March 15, 2012

Pillow Talk Swap 7 - Received - O BUDDY!!!

Yesterday was a bit of a crazy day. Our systems froze at work so I got to leave early and was able to hang out in the lovely 70+ degree weather with my husband and our dog for 2 hours while painters and cleaners were in our apartment. While we are sitting outside my husband casually mentions "o yea, you probably didn't get my text, a package came for you today." WHAT?!!? I was in the house a whole 5 minutes - he failed to tell me a package arrived for me? AHHHHHHHHHHHH! lol That is just mean to mention when I have over an hour left before we can go back inside... what could it be - For the Love of Solids Swap package or my Pillow Talk Swap package.... and which item for which swap did I get? O man... it was hard to wait and not run in there regardless of the painters and cleaners haha.

Well my whole hour of pseudo patience paid off because this is what was in my lovely swap package from Little Blue Bell:

Pillow Talk Swap 7 - Received - LOVE!

Isn't it gorgeous? She seriously did a fantastic job of stalking me and making something exactley perfect for me. These purples and pinks from Joel Dewberry and Amy Butler are some of my favorites and I love the golds mixed in there from Heirloom as well. The grey linen is fantastic and her quilting is perfect for this pillow! And the pin cushion... are you seeing that beautiful cathedral window pin cushion? Do you realize how obsessed I am with cathedral windows? lol A++ for Little Blue Bell - I couldn't be happier!

Here are some close-up pictures of the quilting and pin cushion, they are too fantastic not to show you more!

PTS7 - Received - Quilting Closeup

Pillow Talk Swap 7 Goodie

*sigh* happiest kid ever :) Made a great afternoon even better! And oddly enough I keep forgetting that there is a lovely new pillow on my couch so I get excited everytime I go in the living room and see it haha - the suprirse that keeps on giving!

All 4 of our standard pillows that came with our couch and love seat are now covered with beautiful pillow covers - 3 from swaps and 1 I made. It is funny that all of them have grey in them and none match my couch haha - apparently I need a grey couch! I keep telling hubby but he is ignoring me, which is probably good ;-)

I have to say tho, the only disappointing thing about finally getting a swap package is that you don't need to stalk the flikr group anymore to see what has been made, who has already received what, and keep guessing as what is coming to you. I've grown to enjoy it hehe. O well, my For the Love of Solids package isn't here yet so I can keep stalking that page while I enjoy this beautiful snuggly pillow cover!

In other news about swaps - I have successfully avoided 2 so far! There was a potholder swap in my bee group for April and since I don't use the potholders I have, that was easier to pass up. The Pretty Little Pouch Swap is taking an unlimited number of participants this round and they close today - trying so hard to ignore it! lol Atleast I have a timeline from them now since I am using this swap as my first "be inspired but swap with yourself!" experiment.


mosaics & surveys are due

swap partners announced

mail date

I already signed myself up for this 1 person only swap.
My mosiac has been created (sharing it again just because I love it!)

Selfie Pouch Swap

As far as the survey goes - I think my partner (as I've already asisigned myself to myself early, hehe) is leaning towards something in one of the following styles or a combination thereof:
Cathedral Windows
Using some of my HR FFA2 stash

I'll stalk myself some more and see what I come up with tho! lol

4/20 is the mail date so that gives me a month to work on a awesome pouch for awesome me :) Since my other swaps are finished I will defintely have time to fit this in among my other projects. Stay tuned for progress pics and I look forward to seeing what everyone else makes who is participating in the actual PLPSwap!

Happy Thursday - for those of us who are working and waiting for the weekend - ONE MORE DAY!!! (Yes, I've been counting down since Monday at 6am haha).


Diane Bohn said...

I love your swap! I am totally going to copy you. I was looking at swaps last night too. The plps was super hard to resist but I did it. The one i'm still debating is the table top swap. They're swapping napkins. Super easy. But I kept thinking of your swap method and decided to make my own... for some reason I never make the cutest stuff for myself. But maybe if I made a mosaic and all that it would help solve that problem. :)

Craft Couture by T.C. said...

Congratulations Tiffany! The pillow is gorgeous and so is the pincushion. I found out about the pillow talk swap from your blog..thank you! :)
I already signed up for the little pouch swap. :D