September 23, 2012

Because I can't resist a good swap...

I was sooooo good over the summer and did not participate in any swaps - I even passed up a round of the Pillow Talk Swap which was soooo hard!!

Now that Mrs. Stitches is back tho, and the fall weather is keeping me indoors in the evenings more, I think it is time for some new swaps - don't you? haha.

So........ here are a few swaps I signed up and my inspiration mosaics for my partners:

1. Pillow Talk Swap - couldn't resist again!

Pillow Talk Swap

2. Modern She Made Swap - this one was so fun last time, definitely had to sign up again!
This time we have to incorporate some kind of triangle into our projects for our partners so I tried to include a lot of triangle options for my partner:

Modern She Made Mosaic

3. Sew Sew Modern Swap - this is a new one that won't start for a bit but it seems a lot like the Modern She Made Swap so I'm willing to give it a try!

Sewing Summit Swap Ideas

The first 2 swaps have a deadline of middle/end November and the 3rd one has a deadline of January so I have plenty of time for brainstorming and sewing, even around Sewing Summit.

I already received my partner for the Modern She Made Swap so I'm in the process of brain storming for that one. I think I will be making her some kind of bag/basket ... haven't quite decided what pattern yet. She might get a drawstring bag just for fun as a small extra but I need to come up with something more versatile/useful for her big item. 

I have so many patterns I've wanted to try out lately so I'm sure there will be lots of fun samples popping up on my blog in the next few weeks before Sewing Summit :) Stay tuned!


Marika said...

We are bad. I signed up too for the Sew Sew Modern, just because the deadline is in January !

I love all of your mosaics !!
While I'm here, I almost finished one of your pillows today.
My boyfriend had his graduation today (not sure how you call the ceremony where he is handed is degree). Since I knew it would be long, I brought some handwork and I'm missing only 2 rows :)

Katy Cameron said...

Gorgeous mosaics, but I guess if you're going to fall, you should do it in style ;o)

Cherie said...

Some great mosiacs there! I'm sure your partner will be very inspired by them. I too joined the modern she made! =D