September 20, 2012

I'm finally sewing!!! ... and a finished quilt top!

Wow - it is SO nice to sew again!! I've missed it soooo much.

... don't tell Mrs. Stitches but I can definitely see a huge difference between sewing on her and sewing on Roxanne! Roxanne is such a smooth ride and the features like the push button thread cutter would be super nice to have. BUT, I'd rather have my machine than no machine at all and she is like a comfy pair of old shoes... quirky but I know and love her after 2 years and LOTS of sewing together! :)

The quilt I promised my husband for this summer is waaaaaaaaayyyyyy overdue but I was able to add on the last row and the borders tonight. I like the way it turned out - we just need to figure out a back and I'll get it finished up sometime this year hopefully! It won't have any batting in between so that will be a little weird "quilting" 2 pieces of fabric together but he wanted something thin and light for summer since our apartment is so hot all the time.

Meet... "The Argyle Argyle Quilt"... or if you speak German, "Die geile Decke" ... hehehe

It sure isn't perfect but it was my first time working with this pattern and I definitely can see lots of room for improvement if I ever use it again. My husband likes it which is most important since it is his quilt. He picked out the pattern, fabric, insisted on a brown border... it was fun having him involved and I'm so glad the top is finally done!
I have 2.5 weeks until I leave for Sewing Summit. Don't expect lots of new projects but maybe I'll be inspired to get some WIPs and UFOs out of the way since I have the sewing bug super bad after being away for so long!!


Impera_Magna said...

How wonderful that you and your hubby did a project together! Love the top and the brown border looks great!

Happy sewing! Must be great to have Mrs. Stitches back and working!

Cherie said...

Woo how awesome for you to be sewing again!!! A great start on the quilt there! =D

Katy Cameron said...

Great effect, glad you had a happy reunion!

**nicke... said...


Needle little Balance said...

Oh ja, eine sehr geile Decke! LG aus Österreich ;-)