September 23, 2012

String Blocks and fun sewing time!

Today I was skimming through my google ready and came across this new tutorial from Jeni and In Color Order. She is not only amazing at color theory, which class I am sooooooo excited to take at Sewing Summit in 2 weeks!!, but she is also a very talented sewist and quilter. A while ago she shared a free Drawstring Bag pattern with everyone on her blog, and the posted the update today with the string block ideas.

I decided to give both a try because  I've never made a string block nor a drawstring bag but I've been drooling over examples of both on Flikr lately.

Here is what I came up with - the fabric I think is called Hello Betty - it is from a honey bun I've had for a long time. I think I have a couple actually. Not sure why I will do with the rest but a few strips looked great together in this pattern.

String Block Bag
Flat bag to show string block - I love the way it looks!
Hello Betty Bag
Stuffed bag to show bag and the Moda string I used from a Jelly Roll for the drawstrings
Drawstring Bag
Inside is an orange checker print from Denyse Schmidt from Joanns - love it all together!

I really don't like making "practice" projects so I'm glad this turned out well since I used one of my few Moda strings for the drawstring. I also really like all of this fabric together and hoped it would end up being something I can use.

I'm thinking it is a good size for a hand sewing project - like hexagons or other paper piecing. I used it as a little handbag today to show a friend but without a pocket, it would be a bit impractical for daily use. All in all I really liked the tutorials and the final project. Next time I will probably pick longer strings, I just used what I had and it works but a little longer when it is open would be nice.

So nice to just see something on a blog and be able to make it - I missed sewing sooooooooooo much!! My hubby told me today after a get-together with friends "It is ok if you want to sew some more, I know you have the bug after being away so much"... he knows me so well and it is nice that he is so understanding about my obsession haha.

Until next time and the next project... ;-)

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Cherie said...

Such a cute little bag! It's good to try out some new things for practicing on! Loving the colours and the prints =D