September 24, 2012

Pin it and Win it - Please help!! :)

Hi All!

Randi of Fresh Squeezed Fabrics is having an awesome contest!

It is called “Pin it to win it” – basically you pick a FQ bundle from her shop and pin it. Then you share it – if you get as man pins as the $ amount of the bundle, you get the bundle for free! Great way to share about the lovely fabrics she has in her shop!

I’ve pinned 2 – I can only win one but I wanted a backup in case I don’t get enough pins for the Heather Ross fabric.

These need to be re-pinned within the next 3 days – by Sept. 27th - 70 times for the Heather Ross and 40 times for the Perfectly Perched. Please o please o please, help a girl out and repin BOTH of these lovely fabric bundles for me ladies!! Click on each picture separately (Perfectly Perched and Nursery Versery) to get to the pin link for each one.

Source: via Tiffany on Pinterest
Source: via Tiffany on Pinterest

Leave a comment with your pinterest link if you are participating and want me to repin yours too!!


Impera_Magna said...

Repinned for you!

Calikisses said...

Repinned! Here's mine:

Diane {from blank pages...} said...

repinned! :)

here's mine:

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