September 10, 2012

Sewing Summit Class Registration tomorrow!!

Other than lamenting the lack of crafting going on in my life… I am getting SUPER excited about the upcoming Sewing Summit! Class registrations are TOMORROW!!
Everyone is a little nervous/stressed about this process because apparently everyone got assigned time slots and we don’t know if the classes we want will be full already by the time we get to registry. I’m sharing everyone else’s feelings but really… we have 8 classes, if I can get at least 4 that I REALLY want, I’ll be happy with having another 4 that are ok but not my absolute top favorites. With 200+ people they’ve done their best to keep it small but obviously not everyone can take every class… so hopefully people will get some they really want and be happy with the rest.

**UPDATE** It appears that EVERYONE has the same registration time. Both in the US and abroad people have shared their times and we all seem to have the same time. Kind of funny... if that is the case they should have worded it a little different and caused a little less panic lol. It is still going to be a gamble for people to get in and click as fast as possible tho... like registering for the conference itself... o joy! lol ***
It is going to be an AMAZING experience and I’m so glad I get to participate! After 2 years of sewing/quilting I think I understand enough to follow the lectures and to build on my current skills in the hands on classes so I’m super looking forward to it :) 
Here are some of the classes I'm hoping to get into:

English paper piecing
Shapes and Angles - how to piece diamonds and y seams and other tricky shapes
Foundation paper piecing
Mini quilt with curves - I've had a little expose to curves but would love more in a classroom setting!
Metal Fram Pouch - I've wanted to make one of these FOREVER :)

Other than those top 5- some other fun ones I may end up taking are:
Creative fabric selection
Knit top
Maxi Skirt
Advanced bag construction
Zippers 101
.... and so many more interesting lectures to choose from if some of the above are filled up!

The list of classes are so varied and it is awesome they are able to offer such a variety of subjects. And the teachers/lecturers they've lined up... wow... top-notch, seriously, I can't believe I get to meet some of my blog-idols in PERSON!!
On top of all the cool classes and teachers, there is a mixer being thrown by the SLC modern quilt guild on Friday night so that will be super fun and a great chance to meet a lot of bloggers and swappers I've "met" online. I'm super bummed I can't whip up some fun new things for the conference but getting to go is definitly helping to curb my "no sewing machine sad face". 5 more weeks - woo hoo!


JanuaryT said...

I know I can't wait!! I hope we are able to get some of the classes we want!! I hope you got a good time slot :)

Katy Cameron said...

As far as I can tell (from a bit of asking around ;o) ), everyone got the same time slot, so fastest finger first it is lol

Cherie said...

Wow that sounds crazy! Good luck with getting into the classes you want! =D

Bree said...

I literally cried when I read this - I am SO.JEALOUS! Good luck getting in to the classes you want, and I can't wait to hear all about it!

Marika said...

If you're as lucky registering for your classes as when you registered for the Sewing Summit and got your 50$ because you were one of the first 50, I'm sure you'll be able to sign up for the classes you really want !!

And I had an idea to help you buy a sewing machine : since you say often that you have a lot of fabric, why don't you go through your stash to do a little bit of destashing ?
Even if you're not able to sell enough fabric to buy you a brand new machine, it could help you have one sooner :)