September 7, 2012

Goodbye Mrs. Stitches... I will miss you :(

My machine is certifiably dead :( I picked up her body from the repair guy today – there is nothing he could do to save her. Thank goodness he is an honest business man and didn’t charge me anything for trying! Apparently there is something wrong with the metal gears and they get tighter and tighter until they can’t move anymore. He loosened them up a bit but they tightened back up when he was running the machine. Bahhhhhhhhhhh :(

There is a TINY chance the warranty may help me but I don’t think so… I’ve had it for 2 years and 4 months and I’m not sure if it is a defect or what but I bought it from Joann’s and I doubt they are going to do anything to help me.

Soooooooooooo I need a new machine! I probably will have to save a long time to get one… but anyone have a suggestion?

Basically here is what I need:

1. Lots of piecing – espec. ¼ seams

2. Quilting

3. Free motion quilting

4. Work horse that can handle all of the above

5. Machine applique is nice but I don’t really need a bazillion stitches or anything

6. Good tension control/auto tension for quilting

7. I also make fleece softies and lots of different types of bags/purses but I would think anything that is good for the above would be fine for those projects too.

8. Only looking to spend maximum $1000 (I will be saving for a looonnngggg time for that!) but less would be preferable.

I had a Singer Confidence Quilter and while we had a great 28 months together, she definitely had some issues. I couldn’t free motion that well on her due to tension issues and I had tension issues when just doing normal quilting too. There were a ton of stitches included but I only ever used around 5. The throat area for quilting was a bit small – but I can deal with that because I don’t have a few thousand dollars for a mid-arm or long-arm. And apparently she wasn’t much of a workhorse if she died after 28 months unless that was just a fluke. I did quilt 10+ full/queen/king sized quilts on her and made some fleece animals and bags… but I would think any normal machine could handle that. *sigh* I will miss her.

What do you do with a dead sewing machine anyway? I doubt there is any trade-in value on it if it can’t be fixed? Dump? … that will seriously make me cry… I’m very attached to my sewing machine, inspite of her issues… she was my first machine and I learned soooooo much on her!

*sigh* Sad sad weekend… goodbye Mrs. Stitches… you were loved and will be missed!


Diane {from blank pages...} said...

So sad. :( I know what you mean about being attached. My first machine was from my step mom and it was junk. But I still did a lot on it but definitely out grew it. I finally traded it in foot the machine I have now. They had a trade in deal, any machine was $250 credit towards a new machine. Even though it had lots of problems. I bet if you look around, and depending on where you get your new machine that you might be able to trade it in. good luck! Hopefully it doesn't take too long before you can get a new one!

Impera_Magna said...

Check with stores that carry sewing machines and see if they have any demo models for sale... you know... the ones they have on the floor for folks to try.

The shop might also have a machine or machines that someone has traded in. The shop usually service the machines before selling them...

Katy Cameron said...

I feel I should send flowers! I love my machine, but it's not within your budget (even taking into account the European price hike), so I guess you need to go and have a play at a shop if you can

H2Ogirl said...

Oh sweetie I feel so bad for you! It's nice you found someone honest! It does take awhile to save up for something nice. I have a work horse - Bernina 1008. I would recommend this to anyone! But for a quick something if your needing something now my mom got me this one this past may a brother {in my flickr stream} and she got it cheap! It's something I'll take to classes and use if I'm in a pinch. I think they have it at Costco but she bought this one online somewhere for $20 extra and got the "quilting" stuff like a walking foot with it.

**nicke... said...

i am so sorry! sewing machine troubles are the worst! i suggest you get this machine though...

juki means work horse! it is going to be my next machine.

Sue said...

Tiffany, check with Hayes Sewing Machines on Concord Pike to see what they have. They are a great, professional, family-run store and they frequently have floor models on sale. They know their machines and can tell you what will meet your needs. I LOVE my Bernina and will never switch brands. I owned a model 1080 ($999) for over 20 years (I'm showing my age, haha) and only replaced it to upgrade to a "fancier" machine. I highly recommend Berninas for quilting!

Kellianne said...

Sorry :( I have the same machine and mine is starting to act up as well. I'm gonna check and see if anyone here in germany will even look at it...