March 2, 2011

1st Charity Quilt Top

Its March 1st and I just finished most of my first quilt top for the Children's Charity Quilt Project last weekend - not too shabby! I still need to find fabric for a border to make it a bit bigger and then sandwich/quilt/bind etc. but hey  1 top out of 9/10 is a good start in my book!

This fabric was donated by John of Quilt Dad - such lovely fabric and so generous of him to help a stranger on a project! Thanks again John!

Im super excited to finish the quilt and show the children at church what they have earned through their hard work reading in their scriptures each week. They are very excited to be earning quilts and Im looking forward to donating them to various charities in the area when we are done with our project in the Fall. Im sure some little girl is going to love this quilt and I am so happy to have a part in this great project :)

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Caitlin said...

Nice job--I love the material, too! And that's really cool that you are doing that for a charity project--way to go.