March 25, 2011

Weekend Project List

My weekend project list keeps growing and growing! I'm hoping that writing a few of my ideas down will keep it at a realistic level, or at least track the things I don't get done for another time.

1. Trip to Joanns Today for the following:
  •  Basting Spray
  • Interfacing (fusible and non-fusible)
  • Purple solid fabric for binding
2. Binding the tinkerbell quilt so that it can be shown to the kids on Sunday and head off to its new home in Canada on Monday (long story ... short version is some little girl needs something to snuggle :))

3. Using my new interfacing to make purses! Yay!

4. Lots and lots of cutting! Gotta work on the "special secret project" - might also cut out squares for my Dr. Seuss quilt while I'm at it

Around all of this craftiness there will OF COURSE be some good ol' quality time with the hubby - we already have a date planned at the climbing wall tomorrow morning to get certified for belaying, yay!

And since no post is complete without a picture I leave you with this...
... this is how I feel inside when I don't get to craft all week, its bad, really bad lol...

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Anonymous said...

You are your mothers daughter!!

Love The DaddyMan