March 28, 2011

First Children's Charity Quilt Completed!

This weekend I was able to finish my first quilt for the Children's Charity Project I'm helping out with at church. I was pretty motivated after figuring out a perfect home for this cute little quilt and it was really heart warming to share the story with the children at church yesterday.

You see, the children at church are reading their scriptures - alone and with their families - and by doing so they are earning quilt squares for these charity quilts which I am assembling. They are learning about love, charity, and service among many other things and it was great to be able to share with them how the quilt that they "earned" is going to bless someone's life.

A woman at work lost her home to a fire last week and they lost absolutely everything - including their 2 cats. They are all devastated and we are collecting donations through bakesales as well as offerings from other co-workers. It has been wonderful to see the outpouring of love and generosity from people at work. As soon as I found out that this co-worker had a 3 year old daughter, I knew that she was going to be the recipient of this quilt I've been working on. Once I told the Sunday School children yesterday I knew I had made the right decision. Their little hearts went out to that girl and her family and they were so excited to have helped earn a quilt that will provide comfort to her in this difficult and confusing time. One little boy stated later to his teacher "someone must have been cutting onions in there, my eyes were all watery after that story!" So precious :)

It feels good to get one done, and even better to know that it is going where it is truly needed. A quilt can't bring your home, pets, or belongings back ... but hopefully it can be the bearer of comfort and love to a 3 year-old girl.

***I also want to give a special thanks to John @ Quilt Dad for donating all of this beautiful fabric to our project. Of all the donations we received, this fabric was the best suited for a child's blanket and it was truly fate that brought it to us and gave me the idea for making this quilt first.

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