March 28, 2011

Weekend Project List Review

1. Trip to Joanns
- I was able to get everything I needed (and more!) other than basting spray. They only had one brand and it had so many warnings about flamability and the danger of inhaling it, etc. I did not feel comfortable buying it. Walmart had the same brand so sadly I am still basting with pins for now.
2. Binding the tinkerbell quilt

- I was able to get this quilt completed on Friday and it was so wonderful to share it with the children in Sunday School yesterday and mail it off today. See this post for the full story.

3. Using my new interfacing

- I made these little cuties over the weekend - will post more about them later with a link back to the tutorial I used. Loving fusible interfacing!

4. Lots and lots of cutting!

- I did get lots of ironing and cutting done this weekend but wow, I didn't realize how long all this cutting would take for my "special project". That is the main goal for my week ... along with starting the cutting for "special project #2" if I have time. My hands are going to be hurting by Friday I have a feeling!

All in all it was a wonderful and very productive weekend at my crafting table! I took Sunday off to nap, lounge around the house, and play board games with my hubby after church - wonderful use of my day I would say :)

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Millie Motts said...

SO many options for filling one of those cute little bags. I'm just sayin'. ;)