March 3, 2011

Another giveaway won and some more sweet stash!

I was super excited a few weeks ago to see the following on one of my favorite daily blogs - Quilt Taffy

Solids - A Giveaway
Update: Your comments have been cracking me up all day -
thought provoking to say the least.
A big congrats to:
#9 Carla &
#165 Tiffany

And what did I win you may ask?? The following solid fat quarters - yay! Can't wait to come up with a fun project for these beauties! Thanks so much Corrie!

I have to admit, I freaked Corrie (of Quilt Taffy) out a little when I emailed her to thank her.

I was waiting for another package in the mail and when I opened hers I was VERY disappointed. I thought someone had sent me the wrong fabric, as I had just placed 3 or 4 orders on Etsy the week before! After I read her note however, I remembered winning the giveaway and was super excited!

... when I related the above story to her, I lead off with the disappointment part which worried her a bit at first glance,  opps! O well, she soon got over the surprise and read my many many thanks :)

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