April 14, 2012

Finish-a-long Quarter 2

It is second quarter of 2012 people! Time to get a move on those UFOs and WIPs if you don't want to be stuck with them at Christmas this year still :)

Here is what I hope to accomplish this quarter:

2nd Quarter UFOs 2012

1. I get to pick up Pinkie tomorrow - o buddy I am so excited to see her all quilted up! Need to get the binding on her and she will be DONE - this is one of the longest UFOs I've had - since 2010 when I started quilting - my very first beginning! She was for me and only for me so she kept getting pushed back for millions of other project but this month is HER month and she WILL get finished! :)

2. Puppy pillow - I am not letting this WIP turn into a UFO - it is getting finished and snuggled this quarter darn it!

3. Quilt for my hubby - 5 rows are done but I ran out of fabric. Picking up more tomorrow so hopefully will get the top finished by the end of April and will def. get this done this Quarter - wish me luck!

4. This was supposed to be a Christmas present for a friend... yea, a little late on that. I'd like to get it done before "Christmas in July" so this is going on Q2's list.

What is on your plate for this Quarter?? WIPs or UFOs?

I also have the Modern She Made Me swap item but I haven't even started that and have NO idea what I am going to make so I can't even put it on the list yet lol.

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Katy Cameron said...

Good luck with the list - yours is shorter than mine, so should be achievable lol

Cherie said...

Good luck with those projects! Hope to see you get them all done! =D

Diane Bohn said...

I'm so excited for your Pinkie to be finished!! I think everyone needs to have at least a few projects just for them! But then again, I'm in the same boat as you. Everything for me always gets pushed to the bottom of the list too. :)