April 2, 2012

Modern She Made Swap

Sneaky sneak Diane posted on her blog yesterday about this new swap on Flikr called - Modern She Made

I immediately had to go check it out because:
1. I am addicted to swaps and am not in any right now
2. Diane has good taste in swaps!
And really that was all the reason I needed haha.
Here is a bit of information about the swap:

Signups will end on Friday April 6th unless they reach 100 participants first. They are already 25% full so you should go check it out ASAP if you are interested! 
This swap focuses on making 1 big item - which I love - and you can choose from things like a pillow cover, mini quilt, bag, sewing machine cover, etc.
The one main rule for this swap is - you must include a circle somewhere.
Either the item is shaped in a circle, the piecing/applique includes a circle shape, the quilting is in a circle, etc. Sounds fun right? Yea... I was hooked from the moment I checked out their flikr page.

Here is my inspiration mosaic - I know it is evil of me to share this because it will probably get more of you hooked but I just can't help myself lol:

Modern She Made Swap Inspiration

I got a bit of sewing done this weekend and have lots of things to share with you - just need to remember to take some pictures! Maybe tonight... stay tuned for the unveiling of my Sugar Pop quilt!

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**nicke... said...

lovely mosaic. i am going to stay out of that swap. i am just toooooo stretched thin right now, it looks fun though!