April 2, 2012

Mendocino - an obsession and a question - what do do with it now?

Funny story about Heather Ross' Mendocino Line...
When I started sewing in 2010 I saw this fabric online and thought it was super pretty. I asked my husband tho what he thought because it seemed more expensive than regular fabric and after all, it was mermaids. He said nah, I shouldn't get it... so I didn't. Really, what grown woman needs 1/2 naked mermaid fabric right?

A year+ later I finally understood more about designers, OOP and HTF fabric, the joy that is Heather Ross. I started developing a taste for quirky modern and bright prints and low and behold... I fell in love with that "expensive mermaid fabric" all over again. Ofcourse by then it was too late to get it at a reasonable price - which I really think it might have still been in 2010 or at least better than 2012 prices anyway! And so the obsessing began...

I have been REALLY fortunate to have found some fantastic swapping partners in the last few months and especially lately who've been super generous in parting with some of their Mendocino pieces and scraps. I have also shamfully paid a ridiculous amount on Etsy for a few pieces as well lol - I'm not proud of it but I'll admit my folly ;-) Thanks to all of the above - here is my current Mendocino stash with the light pink kelp on the way as well:

I have enough to make a quilt, and hopefully some other fun things like using scraps for bags, pillows, etc. I am torn about what type of quilt to make tho and thought I'd throw it out there for discussion if anyone has an opinion.

I saw this Kitchen Windows pattern in a book and thought it would be perfect to showcase small pieces of Mendocino or any other line for that matter:

FFA2 Kitchen Windows Quilt Progress
By Pitter Pitter Stitch on Flikr - awesome quilt with FFA2!
But the more I see JeniB's log cabin quilt made out of Mendocino and lots of coordinating scraps... I am torn! If you haven't seen her quilt yet - definitely go check it out - it is beautiful! I can't share on here but here is a link to the flikr albumn: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jenib/sets/72157626012298807/

I wouldn't want to copy Jeni completely - I was thinking actually of maybe using a random shape for the center like a hexagon or diamond or something different like that. I absolutely love the pillow I got in the PTS6 with the hexagon center and I think this would be a sweet quilt - but I do love Jeni's idea of splitting them into single color blocks (with varying shades):

Or is there some other super awesome quilt pattern I haven't seen yet that you might suggest for such beautiful fabric? I don't want to be hasty in my choice... I will have one Mendocino quilt and one only... to snuggle and love for years to come... or until I have a little girl one day who steals it from me lol.

You know... looking at the Kitchen Window quilt above really makes me want to use my FFA2 stash for the samse type of quilt lol... this is why I never get anything accomplished and just hoard fabric... too many possibilities! But I guess that is the joy and beauty of sewing and quilting!


stephmabry said...

Are you looking for more of the fabric? I have fat-quarter-ish quantities of two of the prints that I'd be happy to swap with someone who would really appreciate them.

Marika said...

What about a Retro Flower quilt? There are curves, but I think that paired with the mermaids, it would be perfect ! I'm waiting for Erin McMorris's new line La Dee Da to make that quilt (it's due in June).

Or maybe a plus quilt ? Or a wonky square in a square ? Anything you decide to make will be fabulous !
It's stressfull to cut into fabric we really love !

And I'm totally jealous of your Mendocino Stash! Wish mine was this big !

Diane Bohn said...

That is an awesome collection!! The other day I showed my hubby some fabric that I loved, and he liked it too but commented with, "maybe one day..." I told him you have to buy it now or pay like triple price. lol. I guess doing without is ok. But this is definitely an awesome collection! I'm sure it's totally worth it. ;)