April 13, 2012

Progress Report Friday - yay!

I was too slow for WIP Wednesday so I am going to make up "Progress Report Friday" and act like it is a real thing haha.

I am participating in the "My Precious QAL" on flikr - where basically we are challenged to use "the precious" (insert gollum's voice from Lord of the Rings here) from our stash and MAKE SOMETHING from it... instead of continue to be the fabulous hoarders we all are!

I had to start small because this is a very scary thing, so I made a pillow cover out of my HR dogs on yellow:

 I started off matching pink fabrics to the puppies - because a lot of them had something pink next to them like a bow or sweater or ball. I REALLY like the way these turned out and it was fun cutting the dog pieces in different shapes instead of doing them all square.

I happened to have the perfect shade of Kona curry to match the dog blocks and decided a fun 9 patch pillow cover would be just the thing to highlight these puppies and show off the fun colors. I probably never would have put pink and mustard yellow together but I really like them!

I am thinking about some thick straightline quilting in the yellow parts but I can't quite come up with a design or idea... I was thinking horizontal strips 1/4" apart on the top and bottom squares and then vertical ones on the left and right... but I can't decide if that is too boring. Any ideas?

I had to set this aside to work on my husband's quilt this week and I was able to get 5 rows done on it so far before I ran out of fabric. I haven't decided how many rows long it will be but atleast I finally got the width figured out so that is good. I am picking up matching fabric this weekend from my mom because I accidentally sent it to her house - so hopefully I can keep working on this next week.

I really like the way it is coming together and more importantly, my husband really likes it. He loves argyle :) He really wanted a brown border around it and I found a shade of Moda brown that is closer than the Kona Browns - not perfect but still a good match. Once I have the top made I will do a border around the whole thing and then a fun white/blue print binding. He hasn't decided what he wants for the back yet so that will remain a mystery for now... even to me haha.

Not a ton of projects to show but I'm happy with these 2 and glad I was able to get SOMETHING other than homework done this week.

Happy Friday everyone!!


Katy Cameron said...

Well done for braving hacking into those puppies!

**nicke... said...

oh tiff! i love those puppies! the pink and mustard are soo great together, who knew!

Craft Couture by T.C. said...

love the puppies blocks..you are very creative :) I will have to check the flickr group out..sounds like a great idea to make something useful from my ever-growing stash :D