April 13, 2012

Slowing the growth of my stash... help please! lol

Last night I decided to go through my stash and pull out piles of fabrics that I either don't love so much anymore, have no idea what to do with, or I like but won't be using anytime soon - and I put them all in a big plastic tub. I then took all of my favorites - "My Precious" - as our flikr group would say, and put them on the shelf so I can see them and remind myself of all the awesome fabric lines I have gathered and need to use.

The first thing I noticed is this... I have WAY too much fabric! I know, I know - what a blasphemous thing to say but it is so true! When it is all piled up on a shelf I don't notice how much there really is but when I started pulling out pile after pile and realizing how many full lines I do have - yikes - I was a little embarassed!

I will show some stash pics later maybe just to share my favorites but for now I need help on keeping that giant stash from growing at an alarming rate lol - which it has been for the past 2 years I've been sewing. (So embarassed to have so much fabric and I honestly have only been sewing for less than TWO YEARS... ahhhhh I am insane and addicted lol).

So - here are the lines that I REALLY want for the next 3 months - just ignoring the ones that would be "nice to have" in bits and pieces and telling myself NO until there is a month where I don't want a whole line.

April - Summersville - how can I not love this? - the problem is I definitely don't have any fabric money for April so this will just have to go on hold :( I am thinking I don't need a quilt out of this tho - maybe some FQs for smaller projects like fabric baskets or something later on tho?

Are you super excited about this line? Do you know what you will do with it? Please... tell me I don't need the whole thing... make me feel better about this (bad bad!) decision to wait on it haha.

May - Lucy's Crab Shack by Sweetwater

If I am honest with myself, I WANT this ENTIRE line to make an awesome summer quilt! However, after discussing it with hubby and my budget, that just can't be :( So... I am thinking maybe a charm pack so I get a little bit of all the prints, and then maybe FQs of the plaid and polka dots because they will work so well with other projects. Such a hard decision to make... did I make the right one? Ahhh I am so weak lol. honestly as much as I love this line, I need to learn that I don't need to buy EVERY line and I need to learn to mix and match, which I think will work well with the plaids and polka dots.

June - Brr! by Laurie Wisbrun

Out of all 3 months, this is by far my favorite. I will be getting enough of the blue/red to make a quilt for sure and then some FQs to make into other fun projects. Love love LOVE this fabric line and out of the 3, this one is definitely the top priority.

There are other lines coming out this summer that I am super excited about, including one mentioned by Heather Ross that is supposed to come out at May Market. Knowing there are other lines I will want, I need to curb my wish list for the next 3 months - as much as it pains me.

How do you cut back on your fabric buying and convince yourself to either buy less or wait? I have gotten really bad at getting layer cakes of Moda ones I like, F8 or FQ bundles of ones I LOVE, and ending up with SO much fabric that I will never be able to use it all! This needs to stop... I need to get better... and I would love your tips and advice on how you decide what fabric to buy and convince yourself to pass up on other lines even if you like them.

... thank you, self-help group, your words of wisdom are appreciated. My name is Tiffany and I am addicted to fabric. "Hi Tiffany" says the group... ;-)


Marika said...

Hi, I'm Marika and I am also addicted to fabric.

Seriously though.. I try to only buy the prints that I LOVE and not the whole line because usually, there are prints that I don't like that much.

I want some Brr! too ! It will make an amazing winter quilt :)

When I buy fabric, I also try to pick small scale prints because they are easier to use. Oh and when I want fabric, I try to wait for a couple weeks. If I can get it out of my head, then I don't need it, if I can't, I'll buy it. Maybe it's not that helpful...

June will be a busy mail month :) I want the new Erin McMorris's line to make myself a Retro Flower Quilt and then there is Brr! and I'm going to Toronto... My bank account will suffer a little. oopsy !

Hope this helps a little !

Katy Cameron said...

Thankfully, as fabric is not easy to come by by the line in the UK, and the cost of buying overseas and shipping, I'm not too bogged down with whole lines, just Prince Charming (fat quarters), Echo (half yards), Reunion (fat eighths) and Moroccan Mirage (half yards) in one colourway. I have a couple of layer cakes and jelly rolls that I haven't sussed out what to do with yet, but other than that, I only buy single fabrics, and at that usually in sales! I still have too much though, having stock piled in the black Friday sales for making things to sell, but I guess what amounts to about 20 yards in half yard cuts isn't TOO bad (we'll ignore any fat quarters and swapped charms, mmkay?)

I'd love some of the Summersville line, although not for a quilt, so I can probably just talk myself into a few fat quarters or half yards for bag making, but I really do want a Brr quilt, although only in the blue colourway. Other than that, I've not really got any *need to have* fabric, just a small wish list for the next time I have some good sale codes lol

Cherie said...

As my wise parents once said to me. You can never have too much fabric!!!

Seriously I was shocked by their words. Giving me the go ahead to buy more fabric....do they know what they are getting me into!

As for the ones you're not using maybe host some giveaways or swaps? That way they can go to a loving home and be used by someone else. and they may have some fabrics you want in return?

I have to get most of my designer fabric online which has stopped me from buying too much. With those words ringing in my head and some great shipping deals I've found I'm sure I'll be buying more in the upcoming weeks/months.

Always check out whats in the sale/clearance they do some great prints there most of the time!

I look around so many sites to see which ones have the best deals. Oh and if I don't know about it then I don't need it! =D

**nicke... said...

i am also addicted to fabric and i am proud of it. i will not hang my head in shame... i will hold it high and keep buying more and more and more! ;) i am in LOVE with summersville and want the whole line... like all of it and then a little more....

Craft Couture by T.C. said...

I don't have any suggestion..but love reading all the comments.
I'm lucky that I do not live in the U.s...otherwise I think I would not be able to stop myself from buying the entire lines of fabrics I like. :)

Diane Bohn said...

SUMMERSVILLE IS OUT!!!!! I already have it in my etsy shopping cart!! Why did I read your blog tonight?! lol. I really want it. And I LOVE the crab shack too. And you go on and on about it.... we are not good for each other. lol. I am bad because I just splurged and bought a F8 of the Henna Garden. I couldn't take seeing it all over flickr recently and just had to get the whole collection. Your whole blog post is exactly what has been going through my head this past week too. I am a bit embarrassed about my stash too. I definitely have my favorites, but then my not so favorites that I decide to put in my destash pile, I keep pulling back out, because I look at them away from my other fabric and really like them too. Sometimes I think I should just start my own fabric store so I can *have* all the fabrics I want, but not have to feel like I'm hoarding them. lol. :) Anyway, I don't know if I have any advice for you. sorry. :)

oh, and then today I saw DS new line that comes out in the fall. I like it. :( lol